Your free curated list of the Internet's most gruesome websites.


Here you will find links to various disturbing websites that contain all sorts of fucked up shit: ranging from random warzone plebs to extremely shocking beheadings and videos of demented Brazilian narcos chopping people up and eating their hearts. Like, what the fuck man... the world that we live in... is this shit legal?!

Yeah, fuckhead. All of these websites are legal, and won't get you in any legal trouble unless you're in some fucking Islmaic shithole. Oh, wait, nvm...

They're not exactly normie material, and I would implore you to delete them from your history. You know, just in case you find yourself in a situation where it was 100% self defense, and they find this shit on your phone... remember the URL:, and just type the shit in your address bar and fapfapfap!

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